Welcome to Bringers of Dawn Clairvoyant Institute

A Spiritual Sanctuary for Psychic Development

About The Institute

The Bringers of Dawn Clairvoyant Institute is a global classroom, a spiritual sanctuary, where people from all backgrounds learn psychic tools designed to unlock and awaken their natural clairvoyance. 

Utilizing online and virtual platforms for teaching and engagement, students develop high-level intuitive/psychic abilities.  These practices lead to healing, balance, and allow you to tap into powerful spiritual connections for guidance and insight.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to producing the best of the best clairvoyants, intuitive readers, life coaches, and psychic therapists in the world through our training and community!  

We are here to support the creation of Heaven on Earth by raising our energetic frequencies, by healing our emotional wounds, by rejoicing in our unique spiritual journey, and by opening up to the cosmic connections inherent in our very nature.

Our Curriculum

To guide our students to a higher plane of consciousness, beyond the limitations of our normalized physical senses, we offer courses that empower you to become aware of and in control of your next level of sensory perception... your intuitive and psychic abilities! 

To be truly open to the development of your spiritual nature, you must identify and permanently remove the negative, even painful thoughts and emotions inside your mental, emotional and physical nature. Once that is accomplished, and the inner blocks to your clairvoyant abilities are gone, it becomes effortless to connect with your powerful psychic universe.

The foundational training at Bringers Of Dawn is presented by our sister organization, Total Health Mastery USA. Their personal transformation courses, The Goran Technique 1 and 2, are the only self-healing/self-clearing protocols guaranteed to remove the unconscious barriers that are keeping you from opening up to your higher self. And that is where your journey to clairvoyant power begins!

Step One: The Goran Technique 1 (Live/Online) - You'll learn the 7 step system that permanently erases negative thoughts and their attendant emotions, the unconscious patterns that keep you living in a life of limitations. This method was studied by the University of California at Irvine and found to be 100% affective at permanently removing the blocks to mental and emotional well being among the study participants. This training is the first step in developing your clairvoyant abilities. Most people are unable to tap into their physic powers due to societal, cultural, religious, and collective subconscious programs that limit their acceptance of their real power. The The Goran Technique 1 will remove any unsupportive ways of thinking and being to grant you access to your higher nature.

Step Two: The Breakthrough Course (Live/Online) -  Once you have removed the mental/emotional blocks, patterns and triggers from the unconscious mind, it's time to learn how to erase the blockages and challenges that emanate from past lives, the programs embedded in your DNA, and to completely process the trauma from this life.  The transformative tool to accomplish this is The Goran Technique 2, taught in the Breakthrough course.  Here you will learn to master your reality, heal yourself from pain, release trauma from the past, and clear the pictures in your memory that block you from fully accessing your true spirit nature.  

These first two steps can be exciting and cathartic, opening your eyes to the reality that what stopped you from growing outward in spirit... was inside you.  Now you will have resolved, and removed, and erased the limitations to your extrasensory power, and are ready for the dawning of your clairvoyance!

The Dawn: The Clairvoyant Training Program 1 (Live/Online) - The heart and soul of The Bringers of Dawn Clairvoyant Institute.  A three-month intensive that instills in you the ability to see the human spirit!  You'll learn how to "run" earth and cosmic energy through your chakras, thereby opening and activating all your psychic abilities.  As you open the book of wisdom from past lives, you'll tap into learnings and insights just waiting for you to embody!  You'll discover how to manage your empathic sensitivities, how to protect yourself from the influence of others, how to use your clairvoyance to create and manifest your goals and reveal your true destiny.  The revealing of your ability to be invisible, to ground and remove negative energy, or to call upon your spirit, will take your breath away!  For those looking to read and assist others, Program 1 is all you need to get started. This will be a time of incredible healing and transformation for you.  A life changing experience with rewards that last a lifetime... and beyond!  

Sunrise: The Clairvoyant Training Program 2 (Live/Online) - Step into the light of your spiritual and psychic greatness!  Learn the advanced tools to read auras, open the chakras of others, access the Akashic Records, and communicate with a variety of spirit guides.  You'll learn how to do relationship readings, life purpose readings, and how to use your medical intuition to guide the healing of others.  Powerful spirit guides and angels will be your escorts and advisors!  The path of  an Ascended Master is what you now travel.  

THE Bringers of Dawn Clairvoyant Institute OFFERS

  • Personal growth through proven original mental and emotional clearing modalities, Goran Technique 1 & 2, and clairvoyant meditation
  • Simple & efficient tools for psychic development
  • Safe environment to develop your spiritual gifts 
  • Courses from home over the phone & internet
  • Connection with psychics from around the world
  • Recording of all classes for personal review
  • Psychic readings on blockages to your success in all areas of your life 
  • True transformation, moving from a body of karma to body of wisdom
  • Fun self-healing journey with observable results
  • Community of psychics who are enlightened, educated and evolved 

The Difference

The Bringers of Dawn Clairvoyant Institute differs because we place an emphasis on removal filters, programmings, negative patterns and emotions. The more one clears, the more one sees. 

When a psychic is not neutral to a topic because he or she has a previous emotional wounding or trauma, that psychic is not able to get an accurate read of that topic. For example, if the psychic was hurt from her partner cheating and hasn't healed that wound when she reads someone who is cheating on their partner, she can not assess the situation accurately and will project her pain onto the readee. Another example is when a person has pain around being overweight, and judges herself for being overweight, when he or she reads an overweight person, they won't be able to see that person accurately because the psychic has preconceived beliefs about an overweight person. 

Our school is unique where we place a strong emphasis on getting to neutrality on every topic that triggers us, so we can read from an expanded clearer place. 

The Founder

Rev. Dame Merit Mayati, is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, a certified Total Health Mastery certified instructor. Merit is esteemed as a reliable, professional,  intuitive by her clients in the corporate, and entertainment fields.

For over 15 years she has devoted thousands of hours and sessions working to open the eyes of her clients to their own spiritual abilities and power of transformation.

She is a spiritual life coach with an amazing ability to identify the beliefs, emotional pain, and blockages that stand between you and your desires.

Why You Should Join Us

Join us to meet other people who are interested in the psychic arts, take a class or two, get a reading, or join our psychic marathon! Get updated with the latest events! Just create a profile, and you are in the community!